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Creation, Creativity and Working Collectively

This is a theme Kevin has talked about at various conferences and which he would like to present in Creative Language Lab over a number of sessions: What is Creativity? What makes something creative? What gives something artistic value?
Most sessions would take the form of a short audiovisual presentation by Kevin which would then be debated as a group. Participants will be encouraged to express their own opinions and insights and give their own presentations and they will be given the English language support they require in order to do so effectively. In some sessions, students might give their own presentations.


Ideas for Sessions:
Creation is both a collective and individual affair.
Creativity is both a collective and individual affair. (Two sessions)
Learning is both a solitary and social affair.
The potential rewards of working collectively: Audiovisual presentation of examples from Art and Science, followed by debate.
Collective Creativity – A Collaborative Approach
Presentation of Riverrun, an online collective creative writing platform designed by myself, theoretical physicist Bartolo Luque and others.
Riverrun Experiments: collective writing experiments using Riverrun, folowed by discussion of the results.
Should interest be shown by group members, Kevin would be very happy to present interesting and relevant examples of collective behaviour drawn from scientific investigations as prompts for classroom discussion.

To find out more: info (@) creativelanguagelab.com

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