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Habilitación for teachers in the Comunidad de Madrid. Preparatory Classes – oral exam.

Preparatory Classes addressing the topics raised and specific questions commonly asked in this oral exam.

Your Background                                                                                                   Castellano

  • Your learner history and language skills
  • Your team-working/ leadership skills
  • Working with language assistants and native speakers
  • Your motivation
  • Character self-assessment

Your Attitudes to Bilingual Learning and Education

  • Professional motivation
  • The benefits of bilingual education
  • Lifelong learning
  • Extra-curricular activities and organization

Theories of Language Learning

  • CLIL
  • Task-based learning
  • Your subject in English
  • Why teach it in English?
  • How would my approach change as a result?

Teaching Methodology and Style

  • Lesson planning
  • Materials development and coursebook lifting
  • Classroom management
  • Establishing discipline and rule-setting
  • Classroom routines
  • Homework strategies
  • Learner engagement – Encouraging student motivation and participation
  • Promoting learner autonomy
  • Group project work
  • Catering for different learner styles
  • Dealing with different students’ abilities and needs
  • Skills teaching – reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Student self-assessment
  • Use of positive reinforcement and revision techniques
  • Correction techniques in the classroom
  • Ludic activities in class
  • Use of technology in the classroom

Student safety and child protection

  • Risk assessment

Teacher – parent liaison

Student counselling

We can also prepare candidates for the other routes available:

  • CAE

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